Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

At Brilliant Smiles of Maryland, we understand that a healthy smile is important, but know that a healthy, beautiful smile is even better.  We follow the cosmetic dentistry philosophy of ensuring all dental work is performed with strict attention to detail so that you receive the most aesthetically pleasing result no matter what procedure you receive.  In addition to having a strong general dentistry background, Dr. Fishman has gained extensive education, knowledge and practice in smile design, the use of modern cosmetic techniques, and use of the latest tooth-colored materials in order to best serve all of his patients.

We also take pride in offering many of our surgical and restorative procedures under one roof to make our patients' lives a little easier.  We can now perform most root canal and tooth extraction procedures and delivery custom crowns, bridges and dentures, in-house.

3D CBCT Radiography

Unlike 2D scans, which are "flat" images, 3D scans allow us to completely visualize the region of interest. Like the difference between a photo and a sculpture, 3D scans give us the details we need to make more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment plans. Major professional dental organizations recommend the use of CBCT scanning in many diagnostic and treatment planning examinations over the use of 2D intraoral radiography.

3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner is a hand-held 3D scanning tool that is redefining the fundamentals of digital impression techniques in the dental industry. One of the most important aspects of the 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner is the impact it has on a patient’s overall dental experience. The days of having to sit for 5 minutes with foul tasting impression material in your mouth are behind us. The future of accurate and comfortable dental impressions is here!

Invisalign ®

Invisalign ® clear aligners are a virtually invisible solution to straighten your teeth.  Contrary to what many people believe, moderate and even some severe straightening issues such as gaps in teeth, tooth crowding, overbites and underbites can be treated using Invisalign ® trays.  Invisalign ® uses a series of custom-made aligners that gently shift your teeth into place based on the exact plan set for you by Dr. Fishman.  Invisalign ® is ideal for teenagers and adults of all ages who are looking for a straighter smile without the use of traditional braces.


Veneers are thin ceramic laminates that cover the front surface of the tooth, allowing you to have the perfect white smile you've always dreamed of.  Veneers may be used to treat tooth discoloration, tooth gaps and tooth chipping allowing for drastic smile makeover results in just a few visits.  Veneer dental procedures can both restore and enhance your smile, which is why they are commonly seen on many of Hollywood's top celebrities.

Dental Implants

Dental implants* are a state-of-the-art tooth replacement technique.  Dental implants can replace one or multiple teeth after a tooth extraction has taken place.  Aside from replacing missing teeth for functional purposes such as chewing, dental implants serve as the most effective means of preventing jaw bone degeneration caused by edentulism, the medical term for "loss of teeth".  Dental implants can never develop cavities, and with the proper maintenance, are your best bet for a long-term, healthy and full-toothed smile.

*Various factors play into your ability to have an implant, but the majority of the population should have no problem.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening/Bleaching is a safe procedure that can improve almost anyone's smile.  Studies have shown that the first thing people notice when meeting someone new is his or her teeth.  Simple, in-office ZOOM Whitening or at-home tray whitening can give you a beautiful looking smile to make you stand out.  A healthy, white smile can lead to a meaningful first impression or can help restore your smile's youthful brilliance for any special event.

Sedation Dentistry

At Brilliant Smiles of Maryland, we offer sedation dentistry* to patients who get nervous around the dental chair.  Our staff believes in ensuring all patients are comfortable in our chairs and have access to beautiful and healthy teeth, even if they have had negative experiences with dentists in the past.  There are various forms of sedation, but the most commonly used in our office is conscious sedation Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas.  Nitrous Oxide is an option to treat excessive gag reflexes, anxiety, sensitive teeth or low pain thresholds during all procedures, from cleanings to more invasive dental procedures such as a root canal.  During Nitrous Oxide administration patients are awake, in a completely relaxed, stress-free state, and able to communicate with our dental staff throughout the dental procedure.

*Before using any sedative or anesthetic it is important to tell your dentist about all medications or medical treatments you are receiving.


The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is commonly referred to as the "jaw joint" and it is on either side of the head, slightly in front of the ear.  The main purpose of the TMJ is to allow the mouth to open and close.  Certain factors can cause the TMJ or the surrounding muscles to have a problem, which is referred to as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), sometimes causing pain or headaches in the TMJ area.  A small percentage of the population suffers from TMD and in those circumstances an evaluation is necessary to identify the cause of the problem.  In most instances, Dr. Fishman can recommend fairly conservative solutions to get you feeling like yourself again.

Sleep Apnea & Snore Appliance

Sleep apnea is a common disorder defined by the NIH as pauses in breathing during sleep for a few seconds to minutes.  According to recent National Healthy Sleep Awareness Projects, 25 million adults in the U.S. now suffer from sleep apnea, and the percentages are increasing.

Common signs of sleep apnea are loud nighttime snoring, frequent daytime sleepiness (even behind the wheel), difficulty concentrating and irritability.  Only a medical professional such as a primary care physician can diagnose sleep apnea.  At Brilliant Smiles of Maryland, we offer oral snore appliances that could potentially help treat sleep apnea if conventional methods do not work.*

A physician's prescription and referral is necessary.

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